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Photovoltaic silicon material prices rocketed up

Author:SUNFREE LIGHTING LIMITED Click: Time:2022-07-04 00:00:00

The photovoltaic industry chain has entered a cycle: silicon chip enterprises rush for materials, leading to strong prices of upstream silicon materials, and the price rise of silicon materials drives the rise of silicon wafers, batteries and components in turn. Unless silicon material new capacity to accelerate the release or terminal demand flout, otherwise photovoltaic industry chain rise difficult to stop.

On July 6, the latest data released by silicon Branch of China Non-ferrous Metals Industry Association showed that silicon prices are still in the rising channel. This week domestic single crystal feed price range in 288-300000 yuan/ton, the average transaction price of 291,600 yuan/ton, the weekly sequential increase of 1.85%; The price range of single crystal dense material was 286-298,000 yuan/ton, the average transaction price was 289,600 yuan/ton, and the weekly increase was 1.90%. In July, all silicon material enterprises basically completed the signing of long orders, and some orders were even oversigned to the early part of August. The mainstream price was 288-296,000 yuan/ton, and a small number of loose orders were traded at relatively high prices in the same period, with the price range of 296,000-300,000yuan/ton.

High purity polysilicon (silicon material), known as "black gold", is the basic raw material in the upstream link of the photovoltaic industry chain. Polysilicon can be made into polysilicon sheets and monocrystalline silicon sheets respectively after melting ingots or pulling chips, and then used to manufacture photovoltaic cells. Since last year, due to the supply and demand mismatch of photovoltaic industry chain, polysilicon material prices have skyrocketed. 300,000 yuan/ton, an increase of 250% compared to early 2021. Since the production of a factory accident in Xinjiang in mid-June this year, the silicon rally is more violent, the average transaction price of single crystal dense material has risen nearly 9%.


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