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Solar wrap street light for 6M solar street light

Solar wrap street light for 6M solar street light
Vertical solar street light
The power generation rate will be decreased if the solar panel accumulation of dust, but if the frame has mud zone will decrease generation exceed more than 90%. - The mud zone is the accumulation of several or even dozens of layers of floating dust - Solar Cells blocked by mud zone form a “Buckets effect” - The effect of floating dust on the power generation of the solar cell is uniform - In the traditional operation and maintenance robot cleaning work, 90% of the time is to clean the floating dust, but the frame with mud may require additional manual cleaning - In the traditional manual cleaning work, 90% of the time is to clean the mud zone, even need additional equipment - The drainage desilter solves the dust accumulation on the frame, so that many solar power stations have less cleaning and even no cleaning 1、Pain points of low-inclination photovoltaic power plants The solar panels of low-inclination photovoltaic power plants most time are flat display on the roof, the installation inclinati

Model: SF-STB230+ST602

MOQ: 1 piece

Payment: T/T、Western Union

Delivery time: 15 Days

Start Port: Shenzhen

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Product Specification

Model No.: SF-STB230+ST602

Working Power



LED Power(Number of sources100W (144PCS Philips 3030)
CCT6500K(it can be customization)
Solar Tube Power2PCS*18V 100W2PCS*18/36V 150W

Cell Tyep

Mono Crystalline

Battery Capacity

12.8V 716Wh LiFePO4

12.8/25.6V 925Wh LiFePO4


12V 10A MPPT

12/24V 10A MPPT

Product Size



Solar Tube Material

ACD12+6063 AL

Pole Height6M
Lamp Sizes

Lamp Material

ACD12+6063 AL

Working Times

12Hrs 30W
12Hrs 40W
Raining Days2-3Days2-3Days

Operation Temperature

-25℃ -65℃


3 Years


Product Advantages


The solar tube is suitable for various complex climate environment applications, such as desert climate, icy weather, seaside, etc.

It is also suitable for urban street light conversion solar street light.

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