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Are solar street lamps suitable for use on forest roads
Ordinary flat-panel solar street light cannot be installed in the forest, and any bird droppings or leaf litter may cause a fire
Why Sunfree’s solar wrap street lights can be applied to the seaside?
We uniquely solved the problem of installing a large photovoltaic panel on the top, that is made it into vertical octagonal solar pole and install on the light pole to form a columnar structure with an overall aluminum alloy bracket, which is both anti-typhoon and anti-corrosion.
The future development trend of photovoltaic
Renewable energy development trend Global energy outlook: renewable energy will account for 79% of the global electricity structure by 2050. By 2050, photovoltaics will account for 33% of the global electricity structure, wind power will account for 29%, and fossil energy will fall to 18%.
What do we need to know to customize your solar light project?
In order to customize your solar light project the first thing we need to focus on is the location for installing
A review of research on photovoltaic module materials' resistance to extreme weather conditions
The complexity of the working environment requires photovoltaic modules to have a very high ability to adapt to harsh environments. Research on the extreme weather resistance performance of the modules can not only ...
Solar Energy Advantages
Solar energy, as an
Affected factors on solar power generation
The power generation rate will be decreased if the solar panel accumulation of dust, but if the frame has mud zone will decrease generation exceed more than 90%.


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