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The future development trend of photovoltaic

The future development trend of photovoltaic


In the past ten years, as the most concerned new energy type, photovoltaic technology has achieved leapfrog development. The photoelectric conversion efficiency has been continuously improved, and the cost of electricity has dropped rapidly. In the future, photovoltaic will become the most competitive form of energy. Introduce the future development trend of photovoltaics and technical solutions, and look forward to making progress together with you.


Renewable energy development trend Global energy outlook: renewable energy will account for 79% of the global electricity structure by 2050. By 2050, photovoltaics will account for 33% of the global electricity structure, wind power will account for 29%, and fossil energy will fall to 18%.

 global energy outlook

The cost of electricity per kWh continues to decrease and the scale of installed capacity continues to increase


In the past ten years, the cost of photovoltaic power generation has been greatly reduced compared with the cost of other power generation technologies. By 2035 and 2050, the cost of power generation will drop by 50% and 70% respectively.

  cost of photovoltaic power


In the past three years, the cost of photovoltaic power generation has dropped by nearly 40%. In contrast, the cost of wind power has only dropped by 10%. In the future, as technology continues to improve, the cost will continue to fall, but the speed will gradually slow down;

cost of wind power 1cost of wind power 2


Photovoltaics will become one of the most competitive forms of energy in the future


① Solar energy is the most abundant energy available to human beings. The energy that solar energy can illuminate the earth's surface for a day is enough for human beings to use the current energy consumption for 25 years. It is inexhaustible and inexhaustible.


② Photovoltaic is a kind of clean energy, which will not cause pollution and pollution during development and utilization, and will not affect the ecological balance. It is not only a direct application of photovoltaic, but also ecological restoration.


③ The distribution of solar energy is relatively balanced. There is sunlight everywhere on the earth, which can be developed and utilized on the spot. In the future, photovoltaics will become the cheapest power source in most countries and regions around the world.

solar energy 1solar energy 2

summary of photovoltaic development

Summary of photovoltaic development


① Innovative iterations of components and system technologies will accelerate renewable energy power generation to achieve full price parity;


② The application scenarios will show a diversified trend, with the coordinated development of large energy bases, distributed power generation and household use;


③ The large-scale application of energy storage and hydrogen production will further promote the development of renewable energy on a larger scale;


④ In some regions, we are actively exploring all clean energy power supply methods, and 100% clean energy power supply is completely achievable.

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