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What are the factors that affect the price of LED floodlights?

by:SUNFREE     2021-07-24

What are the factors affecting the price of LED floodlight?

With the updating of LED light sources, the continuous optimization of lamps and lanterns. There are also many styles and functions of led floodlights on the market, and we can emerge endlessly from low-end to high-end in terms of grades; so the price is also very different Yes, the price of lamps of the same style and power can differ by 1 or even 2 times. Why is this? What conditions will affect the price of LED floodlight factory?

First of all, analyze the LED floodlight shell radiator from the lamp. According to the requirements of different users, there are thick and thin materials, so the price is also different. The difference between a set of floodlight shells is tens of yuan or even hundreds of dollars. Yuan, followed by the brands and packaging manufacturers of the LED light sources and lamp beads are different. For example, the price of Kerui lamp beads and San'an lamp beads is several times different.

Secondly, the power supply is not the same. For the same 100W power supply, MEAN WELL’s 100 yuan per unit, while some low-end manufacturers only need 2,30 yuan per unit, which is a difference of tens of yuan. So, in general, compare the price. There are many, so if we want good quality when we are shopping, we must not compare the price. It is recommended to place the order with the sample first.

The more expensive the price of LED flood light, the better the quality?

Many customers also enter a misunderstanding when purchasing LED floodlights. The more expensive the quality, the better. In fact, it is not like the big brands of Philips, Osram, GE's domestic such as NVC Lighting, Foshan Lighting, etc. The LED floodlights of famous brands are expensive. Philips LED floodlights 100W is generally more than one thousand yuan. First of all, in addition to the material and production costs of the LED floodlights, they also add operating costs, advertising costs, etc. The price of other lamps with the same configuration in China is higher than that of multiple levels.

Isn't a cheap floodlight not necessarily good?

In fact, it is cheaper than them as long as the conscientious manufacturers configure the lamp housing materials, lamp bead chips and drives power supply and the production process is not worse than theirs and the price can be much less because of our high operating costs, and Most of the lamps and accessories of these brands are also produced by domestic manufacturers.

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